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MK Auto Recycling Helps Canada Go Greener

Be safe when you buy used automotive parts and help keep your environment safe when you scrap your vehicle with MK Auto Recycling. In business as an automotive recycling plant – Wrecks Unlimited – for over 50 years, MK is entirely Saint John owned and operated, and committed to helping Canada and our world go greener. Dispose of your truck, car, van or SUV in an environmentally friendly way. Recycle with MK.

Service & Experience for Auto Dismantling & Parts

Under our current ownership for 6 years, MK Auto Recycling is proud that many of our staff members love their work so much, they stayed over 25 years with Wrecks Unlimited and now MK Auto Recycling. Not only are they all experts in dismantling scrapped autos, but they also know everything about the used auto parts you are looking for. You always receive friendly and helpful answers to your questions, and we source parts for any vehicle from our large warehouse and parts locator system. We stand by our work and fully guarantee used automotive parts reinvigorated up to the industry standards. MK Auto Recycling means it when we say we have “parts so good they deserve a second chance.”

Looking for a specific part? Use our Parts Locator to search for the parts you need
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