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Saint John Auto Dismantling Done by the Environmental Code

The green way is the safe way for dismantling any vehicle, and MK Auto Recycling strictly follows the code of conduct found in the Canadian Auto Recyclers’ Environmental Code (CAREC). When MK Auto Recycling buys your end-of-life vehicle, you can be sure it won’t harm the environment in any way. MK Auto Recycling follows the industry guidelines for our entire process:

  • Free removal of junk vehicles

  • Buying of old vehicles

  • Dismantling all automotive pieces

  • Stripping of all useable parts

  • Disposal of all hazardous materials

MK Puts Only Quality Used Parts Back on the Market

When you bring your over-the-hill vehicle to MK Auto Recycling, be assured it won’t go back on the road in one piece, like more unscrupulous recyclers try to do. Instead, after dismantling, MK keeps and sells only safe, used automotive parts that we can fully guarantee as meeting or exceeding industry standards. Visit our shop in Saint John or call about recycling your non-running, wrecked or old vehicles, including:

  • Cars of all sizes

  • Pickup trucks

  • Vans & SUVs

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